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what's a t.o.a.s.t?


well, last season, i cut this plate out and screwed an arca rail at the bottom so i could use is as a rear support table on my tripod, while i shot practical long range rifle competions.  it worked quite well and i used it sucessfully in a few matches until meaford lrsc... where i had a catastrophic failiure during a stage.... see video for full story.

yep... you saw bag fell off!  very embarrassing...  luckilly, i managed to save the stage in good fashion... but it was clear that improvements in the design were needed...


the toast is cnc machined from 1/2 " aluminium plates


it measures about 15x20 cm (6x8 in.) and weighs about about 400 grams (14 oz).


the size is right to accomodate most  rear and front support bags and the new slotted design, give you a the option of securing your bags to the table and to avoid the mishaps i encountered with my earlier version.


the built in dovetail should fit most arca type clamps


the tables are first sandblasted, covered with non slip coating and then finished in a variety of shades using cerakote. (od green, armor black, sniper grey, patriot brown) 


the primary function of the table is for rear support, but there are many other uses you find for it once you start playing with one in the field.  

so,what's a t.o.a.s.t?

it's just a well made tripod table with many uses for long range practical rifle shooting and other activities. i made a small batch of them, they retail for $125.00 + taxe, if it's something you think you could use, send me an email at and i'll do my best to get you one.

yes, I know you can do the same thing with a piece of plywood and a cheap arca plate... but then it won't look this good or have a cool name...

Tactical Operating And Support Table

by ReddNobb

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